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4. leave traces

4.3.4. cultural and artistic center and new headquarters for the local community association

After carrying out the historic rescue and meeting the urgent need for adequate infrastructure so that the community association work could continue, I proposed: 1) the renovation of an old public butchery, a building from the 1950s, provided by the City Hall, to be transformed into a cultural and artistic center, with space to accommodate exhibitions; 2) the creation of a new building complex, intended to be the headquarters of the community association, to be inserted in the land next to the public butchery. The location is strategic, as it forms one of the boundaries between the historic urban core and one of the ends of the Ramp¹, serving a wider audience. As a design strategy, an implantation in fluid blocks was chosen, which condense different activities and invite the occupant to the walk. Solutions such as the use of adobe bricks (already adopted in the village) and the choice of a raised roof (which provides natural shading and cooling) were also used.

project site, as found:

1. Ramp: Important linearity in the urban fabric of the district, responsible for connecting the village to BR 116 road.

old public butchery building:

project perspective:


library (77 m²)

board room (46,97 m²)
management's bathroom (7 m²)
management's deposit (7,70 m²)
general deposit (14,20 m²)

auditorium (115 m²)

group study room (17,15 m²)

music and singing room (20,15 m²)

body expression room (40 m²)

exhibition area (63 m²)
warehouse (18 m²)
garden (21 m²)

communal kitchen (20 m²) 

women's bathroom (12,70 m²)
men's bathroom (13 m²)

practical classroom (27 m²) 

woodwork, sewing, ceramics

wooden brises for protection and ventilation

metal peace attached to the concrete pillar to support the roof

pivoting doors and windows, in wood

high roof and
ceramic tile

project perspective:

cultural and artistic perspective:

wooden display with adaptable height and attached to the wall

screen in rebar, functioning as an exhibitor

retractable wooden and rebar display


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