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house on 18th street

The project developed is a renovation of the social area of a house located in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil. Under the demand for more cabinets and lighting, we sought to integrate the living room, the dining room and the kitchen through a furniture that develops itself in the extension of these areas.

living room

dining room


winter garden

The wooden bookcase, which also serves for the exhibition of objects, plants and TV support in the living room, becomes a cupboard for the dining room, unfolds into a bench and finally becomes a partition and shelf that separates the kitchen.

In the dining room, we chose to increase the existing opening and completely remove the wall, creating a frame for the door and the cabinet under the beam, in order to increase ventilation and natural light.

integration with the dining room and winter garden

The existing kitchen is very small and it was necessary to make it as compatible as possible, creating cabinets and shelves, taking advantage of the existing countertop and sink, in addition to maintaining the wall covering, changing only the grout to a shade of green that spoke to the strip of color on the wall, which integrates the living room, dining room and conservatory.

As one of the solutions adopted, we opted for a table attached to the multifunctional panel, which can be retracted for a better flow in the space.

The granilite floor runs through part of the dining room and the entire kitchen, ensuring continuity between the two spaces. We used a strip of the same material, encompassing the entire sink counter and replacing the existing one.

integration with the dining room 

retracted table

touch the image

2019, project developed with Yuka Ogawa

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