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4. leave traces

4.3.10. urbanization of the borders of the water reservoir

The water reservoir is the main water resource in the district and neighboring towns. It is currently undergoing a process of neglect and abandonment, despite the fishing activity and the growing demands for leisure facilities that exist in the community. Thus, I proposed the revitalization of its main borders, with the creation of a wooden deck, filtering gardens, an amphitheater for contemplation, artistic presentations and film screenings, in addition to an area for a fish farm.


fish farm


wooden structured ramp

floating structure proposed for fish farm

floating leisure structure

metal walkway

metallic structure to support the fish net

plastic gallons for flotation

fish net

cover in mesh or fabric

wooden deck structure

wooden benches

wooden support structure

wooden railing and protection net

plastic gallons 
for flotation

wooden flooring


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